Narcotics Task Force


     The NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS NARCOTICS TASK FORCE has been formed as a multi-jurisdictional/multi-agency unit to enforce narcotics-trafficking laws, and prosecute the violators identified by this enhanced enforcement in the project area.  Personnel are assigned to the unit from the Denton County Sheriff’s Office, the Texas National Guard Counterdrug Program, and the Highland Village Police Department.  Additional resources are utilized from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Regional High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area office (HIDTA), area law enforcement agencies, and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).  The Task Force calls upon adjunct personnel from these agencies to assist in the realization of our goals in such operations as search/arrest warrant, buy-bust and tactical support services.  The North Central Texas Narcotics Task Force also participates in Anti-Terrorism Task Forces and Anti-Child Abduction Programs (such as the national “Amber Plan”) in the project area to battle these crimes against society.


     The Task Force conducts programs at the request of local schools, churches, civic clubs and other organizations to promote awareness to both school age and adult members of the community about the impact illegal drugs has on the population, and outlines steps that can be taken to combat existing problems.  The Task Force K-9 Unit also assists the schools with detection of contraband within their facilities.  Citizens use links such as CrimeStoppers, D.A.R.E.® and local school resource officer programs to provide the Task Force with a vast amount of drug related information and illegal narcotics activities.  When requested, the Task Force provides members who are trained in nuclear, biological and chemical incidents to area agencies to assist them in planning and implementing counter-terrorism protocols against weapons of mass destruction.


     The geographic area of this project includes Denton and Grayson Counties and all political subdivisions wholly or partially within. There are two major universities, four major lakes and recreational areas, and the 250,000-seat capacity Texas Motor Speedway.  Additionally, there are more miles of the “NAFTA SUPER HIGHWAY” within Denton County than any other county in Texas.  The population of the project area is over 600,000 citizens.


    Sheriff Benny Parkey is the Project Director, and District Attorney Bruce Isaacks is the Chairman of the Task Force Board of Advisors.